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The house with roof garden offers fun on two levels. There is enough space on the "ground floor" to create a great area for role-playing, like a small kitchen, a cozy corner or a discovery area. The possibilities are numerous and there are no limits to the children's fun. 


A special highlight is the roof garden: it can be equipped with many different applications for playing, researching and discovering. So the children can expect a variety of fun. A variety of requirements are placed on playhouses. The top priority is safety. The parapets on the second level are designed in such a way that the children cannot injure themselves. 


Technical data
Positioning: in the corner
Age: from 3 years
Platform height: 136 cm
Parapet height: 112.1 cm
Total height: 248.1 cm
Space requirement: 252. 8 x 187.8 cm
GS-certified: yes
Required room height greater than 272 cm


The distance between the top edge of the playhouse and the ceiling must be either less than 8.9 cm or greater than 23 cm.


  • large play area on the 1st level
  • Stairs with non-slip rubber profile
  • large role play area on the 2nd level

Play House - Roof Garden

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HK$129,000.00 一般價格
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