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The pentagonal table is flexible, movable and can be combined in many ways. Several pentagonal grow.upp tables of different heights can be pushed together to save space. Give your already furnished room a new look - the grow.upp concept will help you! But you don't have to do without the advantages of your existing (storage) furniture. Because these can be wonderfully supplemented with the grow.up furniture.
  • space-saving pentagon table
  • Enormous stability thanks to the 6-fold screwed mounting plate
  • grow.upp table can easily be combined with standard tables
  • versatile combinable group room table
  • Topping freely selectable


Width:    110 cm
Length:    110 cm
Height from:    80 cm
Table top tiltable:    no
Height up to:    188 cm
Material thickness:    24mm
Material:    birch


Pentagonal table grow upp small, metal legs with mixed castors, L 115.8 x W 104.

庫存單位: 451601
HK$7,900.00 一般價格
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