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Humans, dwarves, fairies, gnomes, and elves have come together from all over to live peacefully in the kingdom. But things are starting to get crowded – new lands need to be found, and quickly! With skill and luck, players roll the dice to claim the best new citizens and occupy as many connected spaces on the map as possible. The player who can secure the best lands for their growing kingdom, and the most gemstones, wins.

  • the popular card game now as a board game
  • strategic dice fun for the whole family
  • detailed illustrations promise to bring the game to life


Content: 2 game board halves, 30 castle tiles, 60 citizen cards, 4 overview                            cards, 18 white gemstones, 6 gold gemstones, 6 dice, 15 dragon                          fires, 64 player markers, 1 rulebook.

Warnings:    Warning. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Small parts.                               Choking risk.
Number of players up to:    4 persons
Game duration from:    45 min
Number of players from:    2 persons
Age to:    99 years
Age from:    8 years
Material:    Beech, Plastic, Cardboard

King of the Dice – The Board Game

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HK$399.00 一般價格
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