Stack a Cake

Stack a Cake

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Working as a team, the parent & toddler try to stack the cake blocks before the Birthday Bear returns home. Roll the dice and sing, hug or dance as you stack the cake.

Stack a Cake is designed to bring a great experience to toddlers and their parents, who can play together!



It’s really simple. Stack the Berrylicious cake before the Birthday Bear gets home.

  • Roll the die & see what action to perform. Sing, Dance & hug along the way!
  • If you roll the bear, he moves a step closer to home.

Stack the cake & top it with a candle for a very happy surprise for the bear before he gets home.


What’s a birthday without some gifts?

Starting from the smallest, stack the boxes one on top of another & have fun checking out the gifts the forest friends brought for the bear!

  • Details

    Contents: 5 Cake blocks, 1 Wooden bear, 3 Candles, 1 Forest track, 1 House, 1 Wooden die, 1 Story Card, Parent & Play guide for endless learning opportunities and lots of fun.


    Age: 2 - 4 yrs