Shopping List  (4yrs+)

Shopping List (4yrs+)

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  • Create your own store and choose what you want to sell.
  • Details:

    Rules: Assemble the 3D basket and get ready to run after shopping. Don't forget to take your notebook and pencil with you. At the beginning of the race, put the product cards in the box store. Also the cards with the shopping lists are placed on the table face down and each player draws a list in turn and begins to collect the products in the shopping carts. Product image cards are provided on the back with the appropriate score. Write on the notebook the points accumulated in each round. At the beginning of the game, the duration of each round and their number are established. The player who manages to collect all the products on the list receives a bonus of 15 points and is the winner of the game.

    The game contributes to the development of memory and encourages the development of language.

    Number of players: 2-4.

    The set includes:

    • 56 shopping list cards;
    • 52 product image tokens;
    • 2 3D baskets;
    • 2 notebooks;
    • 2 pencils;
    • Instructions.

    Package size: 27 x 27 x 5.3 cm.

    Recommended age: 4 years +.