Magic Feathers

Magic Feathers

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The jungle is in disarray as the animals have lost their partners! Only the colorful magic bird soaring high over the treetops has a good overview. His magic feathers float down gently helping to bring the animals together again. Who will help the magic bird find the matching pairs by blowing his feathers onto the animals? See who, with a bit of skill and luck, collects the most animal pairs. 

* A magical floating feather game for 2-5 players
* simple rules to let you start playing quickly
  • Details

    Game instructions

    Contents: 1 magic bird, 5 floating feathers and 5 replacement feathers, 40 animal tiles, 1 set of instructions.

    Dimensions: 15 x 7 x 23 cm

    Age: 4-99 yrs

    Made in Germany

    Material: card, feathers

    Benefits: encourage oral motor development and thus develop language skills